How to backup android phone with broken screen

The iPhone is still alive but it has a passcode and gets locked. Problem: Hi! I have a Galaxy Note 5 and it fell about a week ago and the screen was cracked in all directions. If you haven't set up a Google account, tap Backup account to add a Google account; If you have added a Google account on your Android, toggle on Back up my data. In this case, it becomes important to bring back the data and the fix the broken screen issue. In this tutorial, you will learn how to extract data from broken-screened Android to PC for backup. Alternative to Android Backup Restore: Easy Backup & Restore Add swipe gestures to any Android, no root. How to Recover Data from Broken Android Phone with OTG USB Cable & Mouse? If you have broken your Android phone screen and can not touch on it , but you can still turn it on and see the display , you can utilize an OTG USB cable and a mouse to extract files from your Android phone wirelessly. Select Issue on Samsung Galaxy 1. If so, try to perform a backup to cloud storage using Google account. You can see an AutoPlay popup on your PC once your phone is successfully connected and recognized by the computer. Basically, your Android device has a mini-USB port and you need to connect this to a mouse that has a USB port. HTC Data Recovery (Android Data Recovery) is the first choice for you. Choose the Data to Scan. The easiest and the convenient way to recover data from your Android phone is first 2. I can hear Siri if I hold the Home  Learn how to access Android phone with broken/black screen from PC, recover data from broken Android without backup, and unlock Android phone with  16 Feb 2018 So My screen cracked on the inside yesterday on my old pixel running I went out today and bought a new Pixel, guessing it is running android 8. You can do it only if USB debugging is enabled on that phone. Connect your phone that you want to restore app data. Put the phone to Download Mode by pressing the volume down button, home and power button simultaneously for 5 seconds and then release the buttons when the phone vibrates. Leave a sheet of paper under the mouse and draw the motions of the mouse movements when unlocking the pattern so you can follow it later with your broken phone. Start Scan data Unlock Broken Screen Android With Mouse. Get the tool   25 Jun 2019 Has your phone screen cracked, leaving you unable to access your data? All is not lost! How to recover files from an Android using a PC You should always back up your data when you damage your smartphone. Although I do not have usb debugging enabled. iSkysoft Toolbox - Recover Data from Android Phone or Tablet with Broken Screen Step 1: Connect the broken Android screen to PC. And in order to back up the data and files from your Android phone, you must unlock it. Step 1. Step 3. Step 4: Confirm the device name and model. Step 3: Select The Problem That Matches Your Phone State. Once the mobile phone breaks the screen, we will be very upset, how to recover the  31 Aug 2017 Android phone screen was broken and it is with a passcode. Perform Android broken screen data recovery via AutoPlay. As soon as the devices are connected, you will be able to see a pointer on your screen. Install and run Broken Android Data Recovery. It is an intelligent data recovery software. The Galaxy Recovery is a safe Android . Once the Galaxy phone has been detected by the program, go to the main menu and click on ‘Broken Android Data Extraction’ Step 2. Select and backup file to Hi All, I craped my screen to I have no picture on the screen and the touch doe not work. How to access & backup files on Android phone with broken screen using Broken Android Data Recovery When the screen is broken but its touch function still works, then you are able to back up files from Android while turning on the USB debugging mode. It is lucky that there is a piece of Android data recovery which can solve this recover data from broken Android phone issue. What do  4 Jun 2018 How to access Android data with phone broken screen? This article is going to introduce you with Broken Android Data Recovery, letting you  23 May 2017 This post will show you two solutions to back up Android phone with broken screen. Steps to Unlock Samsung Galaxy Phone with Broken Screen. Fone Broken Android Data Recovery helps to recover data including contacts, If you have tried creating backup of broken screen S5 with Kies or Smart Switch,  20 Nov 2018 I cannot wait to repair the broken screen of my Android. 1 Dec 2017 A broken phone display is a major issue, but this simple Android app might help you to at least save your data. Since moving files from your phone to any other device like a computer requires that you unlock the screen, select the right USB option, and navigate to the right menus or directories, you are To retrieve WhatsApp from a broken Android phone, you have three methods to complete the job. There is yet another way to get your data backup from your Well, the situation is really heart-broken when our phone screen gets cracked or shattered by accident and we are not able to access our precious data from it. Press and hold at the same time the "Volume down (-)" key, "Home" button key, and the "Power" button key. Unfortunately, to use this program, USB debugging needs to be enabled on your phone. The screen on an Android device is probably the most fragile component. You can extract photos, videos, contacts, SMS, etc. Otherwise, your data on the Android phone will not be scanned and read by the software. Method 2: How to Recover Data from Android Phone with Broken Screen by FoneLab for Android. Connect your Android device to your PC via your data cable. Once, you are successfully able to erase/wipe Android data with a broken screen of your Android phone or tablet with a new screen, you can then easily wipe data on your Android device. Step 3: Copy and paste the files you want to restore from the broken phone to the PC. Power on your Android device. If the screen is broken to the point where you can’t see anything, just wait for a minute or two after powering it on to ensure it’s activated. Firstly, install and launch the software on your computer, then select "Unlock" in the primary interface. Step 2. Step 2: Connect your Android device to the computer with a USB cable. Method 3: Retrieve Method 2: Unlock phone with broken screen using a USB Mouse and the On the Go Adapter. Re: How to copy files from a locked XperiaZ with broken screen i have an option is use usb on the go so you can use the mouse to unlock your phone and copy all the data you need even you can restore your phone. Many iPhone user may forgot their iPhone screen lock password or the lock button is broken, device dead or water damanged, iTunes can't recognize it, there are lots of important file in the phone like family photos, notes, messages, contacts etc, we need to get the data on it back but we don't sync the data with iTunes or iCloud before The first thing you need to do after you realize someone has broken into your house or there's an active shooter nearby, is to hide and turn off all sounds on your phone. Launch the program and connect your phone. So, in case if you failed to draw the pattern then you can easily attach a USB mouse to your broken phone and draw the pattern. delete old phone's data so that I can return it safely Without seeing the screen it is impossible to do above things. Select the Files type to Scan On your computer launch the program FoneDog Toolkit- Broken Android Data Extraction and then using the USB cable, connect both devices. This is  23 Nov 2018 Your phone screen is accidentally broken, how to extract or recover data from Android phone with Is it possible to recover data from dead Android phone internal memory? . From the all the toolkits on the primary window, select “Recover” option to recover data from your phone. The best way to access XDA on your phone. So, in most of the cases, the broken screen will lose its touch function and thus, becomes unresponsive. to project your phone screen on TV or something to unlock your device. How to enable USB debugging with a broken screen. Remove your SIM card from your broken phone. We all know about Android device manager which is a best online tool to get your phone if lost. Method 3: Retrieve Data from Broken Phone by the professional Android Broken Screen Data Recovery Tool In the case of cracked screen in your Samsung phone where it is impossible to enter the password key for unlocking the screen and opting for Trust, you have to use a more elaborate process for fixing the issue. Launch the Broken Android Data Recovery on your computer after you downloaded and installed it. Click on the Open folder to view files option. Connect broken Android to computer. Steps to backup data from broken iPhone screen Part 1. I saw that it is not possible to restore 8. The broken screen of the mobile phone is the result of physical destruction. What are some implications of using a phone with a cracked screen? In the days of the old Nokia 3310, dropping your phone was no big deal. Step 3: Choose a problem facing the device. Also Read: How to View Hidden Files and Folders In Android #3 Method: Using Google Remote Unlock. How to Recover Data from Broken Android Phone (If Screen Cracked, Password Forgot, etc. How To Unlock Android Device With Cracked Or Broken Screen If you have accidentally broken your Android screen and now its locked and you are unable to unlock it to access the data of the device, then you can simply follow the two possible ways to unlock your Android phone easily. Step 3: Recover data from Android with a broken screen. Then you can see the option-“Broken Android Phone Data Extraction“option,then connect the broken screen Samsung to computer with an USB cable,and click the “scan it” button. Connect Android Phone to Computer & Launch Fonelab. Click on "Recover" button and select "Recover from Broken Device". 2 Ways to Access Android Phone with Broken Screen Step 1: Download and install dr. Note: Replacing the screen may not work sometime and it is a very expensive way to do that. 1. Step 2: Next, click Recover Android Data. Turn off your phone. A USB OTG connects mobile devices to other devices. Install WhatsApp on your another Android phone. The program will detect the connected Android phone instantly. Android device manager needs to be active if you want to unlock your phone. Connect Broken Screen Samsung to Computer You will get the following main window after running Android tool kit. Step 3: Go to Recover from broken phone tab, and select the file types you would like to recover. XDA Forum App. fone toolkit While you are understandably attached to your phone, the most important aspect of any Android device is not its physical shell, but rather the files and software housed inside. Method 1: How to Access Screen-Broken Android via OTG Adapter. Connect your screen broken phone to PC. Follow the onscreen prompt to Here I sum up 3 ways to backup your Android with broken screen: 1. Today, I will introduce you to one of the most frequently encountered problems for Samsung users. Part 1. Having a phone with a broken screen can be a very unpleasant experience; however, there is a program that will let you access your data and transfer it to a PC. What should I do?" When you save some important files on an Android phone, you  25 Aug 2016 Access a locked phone with a cracked screen with Android SDK 1. To restore Android with broken screen, you need to turn to a handy recovery tool for help. A sweet, feature-filled launcher with a beautiful UX. If you have previously enabled that feature, this tool will let you control your phone from your PC. iSkysoft Toolbox - Recover Data from Android Phone or Tablet with Broken Screen It’s annoying and upsetting when your Android device is broken, water-damaged or showing the black screen. Select Broken Android Phone Data Extraction mode. Press the "Volume Up (+)" key for you to enter Download Mode. For example, you accidentally deleted data on HTC phone, your HTC phone's screen is broken and it can't be used due to black screen, cracked screen. Additional Reading: [Fixed]: “Android Black Screen Of Death” Issue Steps to Recover Data from an Android Phone with a Cracked or Broken Screen Step 1. Firstly, install the software on your computer and run it to see all the features provided by this tool. Step 5: Enter into the 1. It is a general rule that you have to root your Android phone in advance if you want to use an Android data recovery tool to get your data back. But to keep the risk of losing data on Android to the minimum level, we should stay calm and try to recover the data from broken Android phone or tablet as Galaxy Note 5 screen broken, need screen replacement but need to reset phone. How to Retrieve Data from Android with Broken Screen Step 1. Is there any way to recover data from the phone? Q: I dropped my iPhone 6 heavily on the floor, so the screen was broken now and I haven't backed up any data from it. For example, if you are unable to turn your Android phone on after it is broken, or you dropped it into water, then this issue will become difficult. First of all, download the “Android Control Program” from the internet. There are now specific programs that  9 May 2018 Broken your Android phone screen by accident and looking for a reliable way to do Android broken screen data recovery? This guide will show  6 Jun 2019 Want to recover data from a broken screen Samsung phone? U. If you have a broken phone then backing all the data from it is not an easy task. By the way, if you are a Samsung owner, you can backup Samsung phone with broken screen to Samsung account by following the steps: Go to Apps > Settings > Accounts > Samsung Account > Backup > Auto backup. I want to send my phone to the manufacturers to repair it but need to back up my files beforehand as they wipe phones on arrival. Backup Files with Android Backup Restore; Part 2. The screen will appear blank, and as a result, whatever the data stored in the internal memory of the phone, cannot be accessed in anyways. An app store for independent developers. 4. Power on your PC if it isn’t on already. Then through USB cable, connect your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch to computer. In this case, this Android File Recovery software is highly recommended to you, which allows you to recover any files from Android phone/tablet, including contacts, messages, call logs, photos, videos, apps and many more. Just click the “Open folder to view files” option. It can be a little tricky but it is indeed possible. Click View to preview the backup files. Step 3: If the connection is successful then you should be able to draw the pattern of your phone and unlock it. I know how it feels like after your phone's screen broke up and you have no backups on your computer or other places. Yes, this is one of the best and most recommended tool that easily backup Android data with a broken screen effectively. Step 1: Connect your iOS Device to Computer. Since many smartphones require you to use a touch screen to perform most Insert the broken phone's SIM card into the functioning phone, then replace the Open your Contacts application if your functioning phone is an Android device. Follow the prompt onscreen instruction to click "Start" to select phone brand and model. Now connect your broken phone to PC. Then, all your Samsung phone data will be synced to Samsung account immediately and you can restore the backup file to your new Samsung phone via Samsung account in the future. Your device will automatically detect the device. Backup Data from Broken Android Phone (Black Screen, Forgot Password, etc. 9. Restore Backup to Your Android Phone; Part 3. be able to recover the data from your phone which is your last hope to save the  All were broken beyond reasonably priced repair as opposed to having I connected the mouse and keyboard to the phone screen and used  23 Nov 2018 How do you fix that which is broken? article titled How Do I Factory Reset an Android Phone with a Broken Screen Tap on the Settings app; then either “ General Management,” “Backup and reset,” or “Privacy,” depending  If you had a backup of the data including the contacts, you can easily restore this Part 2: How to Recover Contacts from Android device with a broken screen  2 Feb 2016 It's a BQ Aquaris E5 and it felt screen faced on the ground, resulting in a broken screen and LCD!! :( The touch functionality is gone… Screen is completely black and unresponsive but the phone -data-recovery/ recover-data-from-android-phone-with-broken-screen. Connect your Android cracked or broken screen phone to your PC using a micro USB cable. html  3 Jul 2019 If you need to retrieve data from an Android phone with a broken screen, it is still possible to do so by following some of these directions. Hyperion Launcher. Solution 2: Recover data from Broken Screen with FoneCope Android data extraction Step 1. Download a professional Android broken screen data recovery known as Fonelab for Android. If yes, use a secure Android Data Recovery software or tool. Make your phone easier to use with one hand, no root. However, Once, you are successfully able to erase/wipe Android data with a broken screen of your Android phone or tablet with a new screen, you can then easily wipe data on your Android device. 29 Apr 2019 Need to recover data from Android phone with broken screen? Don't worry we are here to fix it up and give you precise tips to perform such  Thankfully, you can save yourself from trouble by learning how to recover data from Android phone with broken screen. Step 2: Reboot your phone and wait for it to recognize the mouse. Run iReparo Android Recovery in PC, and choose the data recovery mode you need. It has enough strength to face all kinds of problems in data recovery. The easiest and the convenient way to recover data from your Android phone is first to connect it to your PC and check whether it is getting detected. Apart from the above few methods, you have another best option to back up all your valuable data from phone and that is by using Android Backup & Restore Tool. Step 3: Make sure that you choose the correct information of your Samsung phone including Step 4: This step In such a case, part of the screen doesn't repond to finger touches, so you can't do backup operation on the phone. Connect your broken Android to computer, and launch the program. Method 3: Backup Android Data from Broken Screen with Software Step 1 : Download and install the Android Data Recovery on a windows PC. How to create a backup if your Galaxy S8 charging port is broken [other options] by Harvey on August 7, 2019 This troubleshooting article will address three common issues on the #GalaxyS8. There are some cables connect to each other. 3. 2. The USB OTG links these two together. Your data is saved on the motherboard, so you can just put it in another phone and back up from there. One handed mode. If you are using a Samsung Android phone, you can retrieve the data from 3. Step 1 : Carefully, attach your USB data cable with your Android Smartphone and connect it to your PC. Part 2: Retrieving Data from A Broken, Unresponsive Screen. Connect your Samsung phone which is unable to open the USB debug, by using a USB cable. This is a great software by which you can connect your device to the computer and then have access to its data, control it, etc. If your Android’s touchscreen is broken, yet you can still see the display, it may be possible to use a mouse to activate debug mode, provided How to Backup Data on Locked iPhone X/8/7/6s/6/SE/5s/5. #2. Confirm Android Model Choose the model and phone name for your broken screen phone and click "Confirm". You can retrieve photos, videos, contacts, messages, etc. How to Recover Data from LG G5/G4/G3/G2 with Broken Screen By Selena Komez Updated on November 13, 2018 Summary : The screen of smartphone is the most important part of device – after all, we use the screen to chat with others, send text messages, check email, watch videos or doing more things. Method 1: If you have made a backup of the WhatsApp via Google account, then you can retrieve your WhatsApp messages and attachments from Google. When one of these situations happens, the worst thing is not the phone is broken, but we are unable to access the precious data, such as contacts, messages and more that have How to Recover Data from Samsung with Broken Screen? Step 1. 31 Jul 2019 If you have Android Phone with the broken screen, you can indeed back up all of your data by backing from Google Account and Backup  6 Aug 2018 This post will show you the easiest solution to back up Android phone with broken screen. Then, connect your broken Samsung to computer via USB cable and the program will detect the connected Android phone instantly. Step 4: Enter Into Download Mode On The Android Part 2: Ultimate solution to retrieve data from Android with a broken screen Step 1: Connect the broken Android device to the computer. Re: Is it possible to upgrade Lenovo A6000 to Android Marshmallow? 1  9 Apr 2017 We can help you recover data from broken Galaxy S8 without the use of any third Running on Android Nougat, Galaxy S8 has 3000 mAh battery with wireless You can also use the smart switch to backup all your data to your PC. Step 2: Select the types of files you need to recover. 16 Crack + Keygen {Android/IOS/Windows} 2019 Dr Fone Crack Download Toolkit for iOS and Android 2019 Dr Fone Crack is one of the most remarkable software in the market for the recovery of the software from the Android. If you've connected your How To: Recover Data from Broken Android Devices Many of us have been through situations like cracked screen, water-damaged, black screen when we use Android smartphones. Click the "Start" button on the program interface. Lets see how you can take a backup of your data when your phone's screen is broken. Connect your screen broken phone to PC via a USB cable. Steps To Recover Lost/Inaccessible Contacts From Broken Android Step 1: Connect Your Android Phone To Computer. Android Broken Screen Data Recovery: How to Recover Data from Android Phone with Broken Screen Method 1: Restore Data Present in Samsung device with Cracked or Broken Screen using Kies. You May be Interested In: #1 Method: Unlock Android with broken Screen LCD/LED Using Android Control Program. If USB debugging isn When your Android stuck in dead, black or even broken screen, you might used to try the well-known remedy of connecting the phone to a PC and then moving the videos, files and photos to the PC. My sister somehow broke screen on her mobile and she want recover data thats inside the phone but when i connect it it just make connection sound. Step 2: Scan and select the broken Android phone. Risks Associated with Using a Broken Cell Phone Screen. 2 Feb 2019 Looking how to access important data from Android with broken screen? Learn the most effective ways to backup Android data with a broken  How to Backup Android Phone with Broken Screen. The main cause behind smashed Android phone screen is physical damage. After launching the software on your computer, choose Backup & Restore option from list. #1. Click "Broken Android Phone Data Extraction" from the left. How to Recover Contacts from Black Screen Samsung Phone Samsung has a lot of loyal users around the world, and they're going to have some very unfortunate things to do with their Samsung products. Tick Restore to begin. Android users can quickly As "No two leaves are alike", so the organizations of Home screen on iPhone vary from people to people. Don’t mix them up, and disconnect the necessary ones. Hence, I have decided to write  28 Nov 2016 Problem: I broke the screen on my iPhone 6 and I haven't backed up any data from it. Then choose your phone's name and mode and click "Confirm" to see whether your Android phone is supported to be fixed by the program. Then remove the screws on the back edge and take the broken front screen carefully. Connect Android Phone with Broken Screen Connect your Android device with broken screen to computer, launch the program, choose "Broken Android Phone Data Extraction" and then click "start" button. Step 1: Connecting the cracked Android device to PC via USB cable. Step 4. 23 Jan 2019 Actually, people are having passcode protected phones with screen broken and no backup of their phone data. What do you do though when all of your data is left on the device? If the device still powers on, there are a few options to try. Step 1 Install Android Data Extractipn and Connect Broken LG Phone. Part 1: How to Access Files on an Android phone with a Broken Screen with dr. Step 5 *: Remove the mouse from OTG cable and replace it with the keyboard. Step 4: If the screen is broken, select "Black screen (or Easy Way to Recover Data from Android Phone with Black Screen of Death (No Physically Damaged) It can be extremely frustrating to have your Android device (Samsung Galaxy, LG, Google Pixel, Moto) malfunction. A broken Android device is useless and when Android phone’s screen get smashed or broken, then most people think that contacts saved within the phone’s memory are gone forever. Take the home button away and replace the broken screen. backup above items that are still on broken phone 2. Connect the Micro USB side of the OTG adapter to your device and then plug in the USB mouse to the adapter. So how can we recover data from broken Android phone or tablet? However, for those who have damaged Android phones or Galaxy S6 with black screen , there is a new way to access the information. Step 5. Press the power button for 10 seconds to switch the phone off. move the old data to new phone somehow 3. This is nice because you can then get your data if you plan on getting a new phone. Help please. It’s very common for Android owners to end up stranded with a device that has a broken, black, or non-functional screen. In that case you can install apps like Samsung side Sync and use PC to control it. Step 2 : Launch the program and from the left sidebar, you will see an option "Android Data Step 3 : Choose the type of problem you have with your phone and Lets see how you can take a backup of your data when your phone's screen is broken. there is another way to get data backup from damaged Android devices. Well, here let us see the causes, precautions and remedies for data loss from Android phone due to broken screen. Then on the new window, choose the correct device name and the device model for your phone. Step 1: Connect Android Handset and View Backup History. But you should know that no any software can guarantee it is omnipotent. If any of your friends use the same Android device and work in a working state, you can place the phone's motherboard on the device and back up all the key data. Choose your phone model. Once the mobile phone breaks the screen, we will be very upset, how to recover the data and how to backup the data. Extract data from broken Android. Then choose “Recover Data from Android” from the program’s screen. How to Backup Phone with Broken Screen Step 1: Download and install the program on your computer with above link. Somehow, the way you organize apps can tell what you are like. enable USB debugging or to activate Google Sync to back up your stuff. Well, this is a real truth for the device itself, until and unless you get the screen fixed. Everyone has his own idea to rearrange apps on iPhone. The phone is still alive. Backup Your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. Click Save and then try the process again. Enter Download Mode Broken Android screen is the result of physical damage to the phone. Step 2: An AutoPlay will pop up on the PC once your mobile phone be recognized. Now you can recover data from broken Android devices by using a new product from Wondershare called dr. Something you should know before broken Android phone recovery. Broken Android screen is the result of physical damage to the phone. Then connect your Samsung phone to computer with a USB cable and click "Start" button to go on. fone . I had a password on the phone so when I try to back up my phone its asking my to unlock my device but Solution: Get another working S3 from a friend, take off the backs of both phones, take off some screws, take the motherboard out, put your motherboard in the phone, turn it on, back up, done). Learn how to unlock Android device with cracked or broken screen. So, in this guide, we will show you how to unlock Android phones with a broken screen. How to Recover Data from Broken Android Phone? Are you looking for a way for Android broken screen data recovery?By accident, you dropped your Android phone to the ground or a stone, unfortunately, the screen was broken. Screen is completely black and unresponsive but the phone itself is still working and receiving vibrations and LED notifications. Method 1: Access Screen Broken Android Phone with OTG Mouse The most recommended way in here works only if you set pattern lock on the phone. Just click on the one which you have. Then it will lead you to the next step. How to recover data if your screen is broken but you can still see the display. So, is there any way to backup iPhone with broken screen and passcode? Tag Archives: android data recovery with broken screen Wondershare Dr. However, you can recover the data from the phone with a USB cable. Step 2: Select The File Types That You Wish To Recover From Broken Phone. Do not worry because even if your screen is broken, you can still do this step on your Android device. Confirm your Samsung device model. However, this method can only backup media files after the screen is dead or broken. )? Step 1. This page introduces you easy Android broken screen data recovery solution - recover data from Android phone with broken screen from AutoPlay and shows you how to recover files using third-party Android data recovery software in some other data loss cases. Enter Download Mode Android. In the above mentioned scenario, it is made clear that even broken screen can result in loss of data from Android phone as the phone becomes useless. ) Step 1. you can buy one on the ebay for a couple dollars. Preview files on Android with broken screen. If you have the right converter for your Android device, you can do the same keyboard trick: plug an old USB keyboard directly into a [your phone’s connection]-to-USB converter (likely an OTG So, to create backup of Android in PC is necessary! That way, they can keep and restore all Android data from computer whenever the original one get lost or need to restore to another device. Wait the recovery tool to recognize your broken Android. Go to Settings > Backup & Reset. XDA Labs. 0. Home > Tutorials > How to Access and Recover Data from Android with Broken Screen How to Access and Recover Data from Android with Broken Screen Phone screen broken is a tragedy, and a disaster is that you know your phone is still working but cannot restore data from a screen broken phone. Step 1: Connect a OTG adapter to your phone as well as the mouse. Have an android phone Samsung Galaxy S phone with a broken screen but need to access photos videos contacts sms data on the phone internal memory? Well, do not worry, it is possible to retrieve data on the android phone/tablet with broken screen. Method 5: Backup Android data from broken screen using third party tool. Fone 9. 1 backup to a phone running a  Method 2: How to recover data from Android phones with broken screen Android by Kies is a free application with data backup and restore capabilities. "How can I get back my contacts from my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge which with a cracked screen? I don't get any backup before, and I want to resell the phone to my classmate, please help!!!" The above situation is very common, in fact, to recover contacts from broken Samsung Galaxy phone, what you need is just the Samsung Data Extraction. Click "Broken Android Phone Data Extraction" from the left and click the "Start" button. Sites we like How to recover data from android phone/tablets with broken/black screen. There are two types of fault of the Android phone, which are Touch does not work or cannot access the phone, and Black/broken screen. fone to your PC. how to backup android phone with broken screen

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